This term three Year nine students, Tyrese Tanoa, Elizabeth Tran and Cindy Vu, are attending the School for Student Leadership program at the Alpine School Campus in Dinner Plain. These students have started the program online and once the lockdown ends, they will live at the Alpine School for seven weeks with 40 other students from all around Victoria. The campus is situated at an altitude of 1600 metres and for part of the term the students will have the great and very new experience of walking through snow to their classes.

Cindy, Elizabeth and Tyrese have made the brave and very worthwhile decision to be involved in the program and to live away from home for seven weeks. At the Alpine School, they will have fantastic opportunities to make new friendships, to develop their problem-solving, group-work and leadership skills and to participate in a range of outdoor activities like cross-country and downhill skiing. On the program, the students will also work on a project to make a difference in the local community, which they will implement when they return to SASC in term 4.

We wish them the best of luck at the Alpine School and look forward to hearing about their experiences and the new skills they have learnt on the program.

Mr Ben Beagley