Welcome back to Term 3.  We hope our students are well rested and prepared for another busy term. All students should have received their reports by now. Students can access reports via Compass and parents can use their Portals to see the reports.  If you are having difficulty with this please contact the school. If you have any concerns about your child’s report, please contact the relevant coordinator to discuss.

Our first week back hit the ground running and then the students returned to Remote Learning. We are very proud of the way the students have attended their classes and adjusted quickly to the changes in the routine. They are working very well online and with the challenges they are facing. Classwork is of a very high standard still.

The Junior Sub School has organised many exciting events and programs for our students to participate in later this term.

Students from the Sub School are performing in the MAC School Production A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Year 7 students will have the opportunity of a taster of the Performance in August. We are pleased to see so many keen junior performers with various talents participating in this big production.

Our Anti -Bullying program “Flipside” will occur in August for Year 7 and 8. This performance highlights the various types of Bullying and engages the students in how to respond to issues and how to seek support. This is a valuable program to support our students in dealing with ongoing issues they face with Cyber Bullying in particular.

‘Digital Thumbprint’ will be presented to students in Year 7 and 8 in September. The students will be involved in some workshops, teaching the advantages of a positive on line presence.

Through a series of fun activities these workshop bring to life the vital information students need to become discerning internet users. Concepts covered include information security, on line business models and terms and conditions.

We will be holding a Parent Information evening for Year 8 students on Tuesday 10 August and this will be to inform parents and students on Subject Selection processes for Year 9 Courses. Information will be sent out via Compass.

Please ensure your child has warm uniform for these cold winter days. Ensure you have labelled your child’s clothing. The uniform shop is open Monday and Thursday 12.15pm – 1.15pm.

If your child is absent, please submit a medical certificate upon their return and contact the Sub School on 9356 4066 to inform us of the absence.

Year 8 Camps have commenced and 8G have started the Term by attending Strathbogie. Although, freezing and wet, the students had a nice time together and building relationships.  Other homegroups will attend over the course of the next two terms.

‘Camp this year was actually fun despite Covid restrictions and the weather. Camp Strathbogie is all the way up in the mountains near the clouds and is very pretty at night-time. Day 1 was very wet and some of us slipped on the way to the main room. We unpacked and chilled in our cabins until dinner duty started. After dinner we had dessert and headed for the rec room. We played 8 pool, ping pong and card games. We were about to watch a movie but then we had too much fun playing games.

On day 2, we woke up early to go eat breakfast, cleaned up our rooms and headed off to bowling. For the people who like spicy Asian noodles you would have loved eating breakfast on day 2. There were also different varieties of different breakfasts too. After that we headed to bowling in Shepparton (if you’re lucky enough it’s possible to buy some food while you’re there) after bowling we had lunch and headed to Benalla pool. We got back to the camp around 3-4pm. In the evening, we hung out in the rec room for about a few hours and had Miss Morrison and Mr Micallef’s favourite dinner. We cleaned up our cabins after dinner and headed back for the rec room. Some of us watched a movie (the original Jumanji) and some of us played games. It was raining a little but wasn’t heavy rain just light rain.

Day 3 was quick due to the Covid lockdown, so we had a big breakfast and said goodbye to the campsite J

Overall camp was very fun, and we were still able to have our 3 days of camp.’ – Angelina 8G









If you require any type of assistance or support, please contact your child’s coordinator via email or phone.

Ms Lauren Honeycombe