Our Vision & Values

St Albans Secondary College is dedicated to providing an environment that values excellence, is respectful of all members of the community and which inspires each individual to achieve their potential, and to take their place with confidence in a changing society.

At St Albans Secondary College, we hold these values and guiding principles:

  • We show leadership by taking responsibility and being committed to our vision and to each other
  • We demonstrate respect and fairness to each other
  • We show integrity at all times by being open and honest
  • We take pride in our achievements and strive for academic excellence. We value critical thinking, creativity and risk taking in our learning.

Our vision, values and guiding principles combine to create a safe, supportive and well-disciplined environment where every student is guided and inspired to achieve to the best of their ability. Our College community values respect, integrity, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence.