St Albans Secondary College Library

The SASC Library provides a range of resources to students, and is the place to study, read, or access online resources. It has an extensive collection of fiction and nonfiction books, reference materials, newspapers, magazines, texts, novels, printers and online resources, all for student use. Our library has ten desktop computers, all with online and wireless connectivity for net book and notebook online usage.

The library also provides audio visual equipment for student and class use, including digital, still and video cameras, CD recorders, headphones and access to video and sound recordings of class texts. The library will introduce e-books to the fiction collection in 2013.

The fiction collection contains many of the books on the Premiers Reading Challenge list. These books are specially identified to encourage students to read widely. In addition, a collection of classics and adult novels have been specially selected for senior students.

The library also offers lunchtime activities for students such as the Literary Lunch Book Club on Tuesdays, chess and other board games, and a space to read and complete work and seek teacher librarian assistance with research.

Opening hours:

Monday and Thursday: 8.30am – 4.00pm.

Tuesday and Friday: 8.30am – 3.30pm.

Wednesday: 8.30am – 4.30pm. Homework Club runs on Wednesday, after school.

Homework Help

Writing a Bibliography

Victoria University provides an excellent guide to constructing a bibliography in the Harvard style, the one recommended by the school, and on how to reference information cited in essays and assignments.

Ergo at the State Library of Victoria

An excellent website launched by the State Library of Victoria to assist students with their research, essay and study skills. The site is called Ergo and is very practical in the assistance it offers, particularly with topics in Australian history.

Cosmos Magazine

Students have access to the digital version of the popular and educational science magazine, Cosmos, at school and at home. The login and password are available from the science faculty and also displayed in the library.

Researching Issues

The school subscribes to Echo Education Online. This service supplies an extensive number of detailed outlines of current issues with links to relevant newspaper articles. The login and password are available from the science faculty and are also displayed in the library.

The Age newspaper provides a useful service for students with its Issues in the News webpage.