Australian Fashion Awards

The Australian Fashion Awards launched it’s Year 9 competition this year. Two aspiring Year 9 designers spent their lunch times creating entries for the event. Shayla Pham and Rita Nguyen of Year 9 also accompanied their garments to the Awards this year. The designers modelled their garments to the judging panel and made runway for the evening parade.
‘I was there as the designer and was so nervous when I had to model in front of everyone’ Shayla said post her first saunter down the runway. Heather Marcus, the convenor of the awards, confided in us that the judges had been impressed by Shayla’s explanation of construction techniques.
In Rita we discovered a wonderful new model to join the team next year. ‘I was so nervous. It was great and I will definitely take part next year,’ Rita said at the end of the evening parade.
On behalf of the entire school community we wish thank all the designers and models that represented our school. Many of our students ended their night in the winner’s circle. Congratulations to all models and designers, especially to all senior designers who each completed four run way garments- Anh Kim Hoang, Dzung Mia, Jacinta Milisovski, Erfan Vafamehr and Annie Pham.
Anh Kim Hoang of Year 12 ended the night with the converted Long Gown Award and the title of Young Designer of the Year in schools division.